The 6 best places to get digital images

The difference sometimes between a good site and a great site can be the quality of the image used. If you are like most people, you might not have the finances to buy images from photographers when you are starting out. We’ve come up with a list of places from where you can source great quality images.

1. Unsplash

Unsplash is a very neat site where people submit their photos for free use. You can pull up any picture from this blog kind of site and use it anywhere you like. The popularity has grown over the years and so has the quality. The site showcases collections and new photos every week so you have plenty to choose from. You can choose the size and the format as well. We highly recommend this site if you are looking for nature pictures that have amazing lighting effects. You can even contact the photographer to see his other work if you are really interested too.

2. Magdeleine

This is another great site with a nice collection of images. They are very well organized and you can search for items based on a subject, mood or even colour. If you only have a vague idea of what you want then this site is perfect for you.

3. istockphoto

Although istockphoto is a premium stock image website it definitely deserves a place in this list – if for no other reason than the fact that it has one of the most comprehensive collections of stock images on the internet. Further more it is one of the few premium stock photography websites where you can almost always find a discount code and thus the images that they sell, via credits, are not as expensive as you would first think. Istock are especially good for stock images of people.

4. Foodie’s feed

From a specialist on nature pics, we now come to a specialist on food pictures. Foodie’s Feed is a great site that showcases everything from green vegetables to amazing complex desserts. The photos are extremely high quality too. The site has pretty much anything that is a consumable or sometimes even related to a consumable item. A great feature is that you get multiple takes of the same picture as part of a collection they showcase. So you can pick one that is perfect for your site alone. The site uploads about 5 to 10 new images per week. If you really like something you see, you can even donate using PayPal.

5. Free Refe Mobile Photos

You get a range of images from this site but an amazing feature is that they are all taken from mobile phones. Everything from buildings to landscapes have all been captured and uploaded using a mobile device. If you are a blogger this can lend some amazing authenticity to the context of your posts. We are now even seeing mainstream media companies adopt mobile video and photos more. Make sure you are not looking for images that need to be used for print as well because most of these images do not suit that purpose. The usability is amazing thanks to the range of images offered.

6. Little Visuals

Range is one word that comes to mind instantly when we take a look at the little visuals site. It showcases plenty of high resolution photos from the micro to the macro environment. You can obtain images each week by individually downloading them or by subscribing to their email. About 7 new images are added each week. All these images can of course be used anywhere.


Top 5 Popular Cars for Car Wrapping

Vinyl wrapping offers a new lease of life on older and dreary vehicles, but it can also produce a brilliant new sense of style even for a newer model, so no matter the age of your vehicle or the model, there is always a positive case for getting some wrapping done.

Cheap and effective, vinyl wrapping offers all the benefits of custom paint jobs but at half the price – or even less in many cases! Old or new, expensive or cheap, any car can be completely transformed, pretty much any car, motorbike, van or metallic object can be wrapped in vinyl materials, to find out more about the car wrapping and get prices for your car wrap.

Audi A8

While not as flashy as a TT or as powerful as an R8, Audi’s A8 offers a whole lot of performance but can often lack in that eye-popping style found in many other of the German manufacturer’s line-up. Yet with the additional of a stylish vinyl wrap – a matte finish looks particularly great on the A8 – it can lease a whole new sense of style into the biggest model available from Audi.

Vauxhall Corsa

A staple of UK roads for decades now, the Vauxhall Corsa is one of the most popular smaller models around, with users varying from young budding petrol-heads looking for a well-rounded model to start out with to older drivers that appreciate the reliable handling.

With so many Corsa’s on the roads, it’s important to stand out from the crowd, which is why this model is perfect for a vinyl wrap. Any style, colour, and finish can work well to improve the overall visuals of the car, which is certainly helpful when there’ s a lot of them out there!

BMW M135i

Arguably the best model of BMW’s 1-Series, the M135i has everything you would hope to find in an BMW – style, power, and handling. Add in the fact that it is one of their most affordable models and its clear why this car has been so well-received.

2015 saw a brilliant new design that is begging to get redeveloped with some vinyl wrapping. A gloss wrap does help to capture the essence of the M135i in its original design, but any number of different vinyl wraps will make this powerful little car stand out from the crowd even more so.

Ford Focus ST

The Ford Focus ST brings all the positives of the standard Ford Focus but with a little more bite. The ST offers great value for money, and brings with it a nice balance between size and power. As they remain a very popular model (thanks in no part to the affordability), the Ford Focus ST has a great variety when it comes to wrapping options.

Matte wrapping in particular really complements to the body of the ST, helping to enhance all of the work found on the panels, but a metallic finish also looks just as great.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

One of the best all-rounders in their price range, Volkswagen’s Golf GTI has been a fantastic option for buyers since the mid-2000s. The latest MvKII is the pinnacle of the model so far, but its earlier incarnation in the MkV is still a fantastic model.

With so much in the way of style, a GTI can easily get that wow-factor with the addition of a vinyl wrap. The possibilities are endless when it comes to particular styles and colours, meaning it never gets tiresome changing the wrap once you tire of your current design!

So, there you have it, the most popular cars to get wrapped!


Neon racing – continuous fun

When you are travelling on holiday or long distances. There are some items that are absolutely essential for you. You need to make sure you take care of some comfortable accommodation and stuff for the plane ride. Waiting and spending time in airports or even bus terminals can be very boring at times, especially if you land in a new country. People often look towards their phone or tablet to provide the necessary entertainment. One solution is playing Neon 2 Car Racing Saga by Universal games (Available in the google play store – click here to download).


This is a very unconventional racing game in the sense that you will be racing not one but 2 cars simultaneously, whilst maxing out your reflexes. All you have to do is race the blue and pink neon lit cars and collect as many circles and triangles as possible without collecting any square boxes. You can collect points and compare yourself in the global standings. Aim for the triangles as much as you can as they give you 2 points. The music is really relaxing and you can really envision yourself lying down on a hammock and playing this game by the sea or in a resort. The ideal game for any travel enthusiast.

Share the scores with your friends and challenge them too. More and more levels will be added and constant updates can be seen, thanks to a dedicated developer’s team at universal games. A pleasure to play and we have loved every minute of it and we are sure you will also.


Bus simulator racing

If you are looking for a good distraction while you wait for your son or daughter to finish school then we have the ultimate solution for you. Bus simulator racing is a thrilling game that is perfect for enjoying and killing time. You can drive a bus around and drop children at the school, and collect points. You can compare how you stand with the world thanks to a great global ranking system.


It is ideal whilst you wait in a car or bus stand. The game graphics are so pretty and it seems like it’s perfect for kids but it’s extremely fun for adults too. The game really tests and sharpens your reflexes as you navigate different weather conditions and obstacles. The paradox is that the music is soothing and relaxing, with engine sounds that are extremely real. The game is constantly being developed and new updates are released constantly. It has been downloaded over 10000 times through the play store in google alone.

You can share your experiences on social media and form a bond with your kids too and compete with them. It is inevitable that people are going to be on their phones a lot these days so it would be great if parents and kids can compete and learn too. The game has received many rave reviews from over a 100 players. You can write to the developers too if you would like to see any additions and other features. This game is definitely our pick for best simulation game in 2016.

google-play-300x104 (1)


Understanding app analytics

Understanding your app’s analytics is very important for you to develop and cater to your consumers. Analysing every level of your game and how it is being viewed by the consumer is imperative. Social media monitoring tools could help in two ways for your app. One is that you can measure the amount of shares of the scores and things like that, secondly you can make people share their experiences to unlock new and exciting features like more powerful characters, for instance.

Cross marketing apps is another huge potential draw for developers. You can have similar app users market for each other and provide a very rounded solution to the consumer. Even if its games, it would be cool if you have another game developer do affiliate marketing for you. It’s a neat strategy if you have a developer focusing on mods and another on the core of the game itself, for example. Try to include real money where ever possible in the game. The UK for example is the biggest market for real money games. It can range from mods to actual gambling so make sure you have an understanding of all the laws involved.

Keep yourself in the limelight by constantly marketing yourself. Penguin Run is a game that does this very well. You can promote your app through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and attract a huge following. You can even upload and syndicate how to videos so that people can learn tips and tricks and improve their gaming skills.

Download from google play store.


The importance of great web hosting

Web hosting forms the root of a website. Its speed and efficiency can be vital to how a consumer interacts with a page. Web hosts also provide tools to make sure your site secure and easy to create too. There is however due diligence on your part which you must do to make it a smooth ride. Always make sure you do your own backup of the site. Whilst hosting providers also regularly back-up your site it would be wise to do an offsite back-up too in case you encounter issues with the c-panel itself.

logoCheck out reliable sites like and read reviews. You can even get commission rebates or even coupons to make your hosting cheaper. Just refer a couple of friends and you can save a lot of money too. Hosting otherwise can be a very expensive business. Make sure you crawl through as many reviews on the site suggested and you might find some really interest deals that give you more than 50% off during seasonal promotions and such.

Also when dealing with hosting companies for sheer ease of use try your best to pay through PayPal or any one time deals. If you end up giving your credit card info sometimes auto renewal can take place before you have made your decision to stay with the current host or not. Also you can confidently use your credit card when dealing with reputable hosts like dream host or blue host. If you go with an seo host try to use PayPal instead.

Things a web developer should know

We have come up with a set of skills web developers must have but also things that they need to understand so that they can evolve with the ever intensifying competition.

First and foremost since design is evolving coding is becoming far less important. Coding is still an integral part of design but since the emergence of templates, more average people are beginning to create amazing sites too.

Developers need to remember to be more human than techy, with search engines also evolving to cater to more natural content. It is imperative that your design is natural, specifically the interactions should be predictive. Constantly google and stay on top of the trends. You must have CSS, java script and .Net framework knowledge. These are essential since all systems incorporate these.

Debugging is another skill that is essential. You need to show that you can consistently ignore information that is irrelevant and find the problem in the haystack and solve it. There are many books on debugging out there and web developers need to read a few to land the jobs. A really great developer can solve problems even without having to view a line of code. Sussing out the irrelevant info is the key. Add projects and scenarios in your portfolio where you can show that you have tried multiple fixes to solve the problem instead of trying the same things 10 times expecting different results.

Understand your client’s needs thoroughly. The importance of this cannot be stated well enough. If you are an aspiring developer trying to land a job. You need to show that you understand the business and how the software and apps function even before you start optimizing them. Clients sometimes might not be able to convey accurately what they need and you need to go the extra mile to understand them

Draw your ideas this is very much an acquired skill for most people but you need to be able to draw ideas on paper, boards and even beer mats. Developers who agree directly and start working are not to be trusted. Fail often by coming up with rapid prototypes and makes sure the entire team follows suit so that you can succeed together

Enjoy yourself, more often than not developing can be very boring, as boring as moving a link or two around a hundred times. You need to show your employers too than you are capable of finding innovative solutions and this can come by testing outlandish theories.

Read books like pragmatic thinking & learning, the passionate programmer, best software writing etc. Implement these techniques in your design and show that you are always sharp. You need to constantly be able to understand the ever changing audience. Soon VR trends are about to take off. Show how your interface will evolve to cater to its advantages. CSS, Java, C#, .NET, Html5 are just some of the basic things you need in your Armory but most of all let your experiments and your will try do the talking.

If you feel like you have all of these skills and you are ready to become a full time developer, you can start applying for some of the many web developer jobs out there – is a great resource where you can search through and apply for many jobs that are all specific to the webdev industry.


10 Terms You Need To Know

Ever walked into to a laptop or computer store, hunt for a laptop and be completely stumped by the buzzwords you hear? Sometimes I wish Intel and AMD would stop using bizarre words like Centrino and Core 2 Duo which confuses the heck out of people. In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 terms you might come across when buying a laptop. Learn about these terms so that you won’t be stumped at the store again!

1. Intel Core 2 Duo Now, what precisely does ‘Intel Core 2 Duo’ mean? Almost every single laptop you come across in the market now will tell ‘Intel Core 2 Duo’. Don’t let that confuse you. The ‘Core 2 Duo’ is easily the Intel CPU replacing the elder Pentium. The ‘two’ in ‘Core 2 Duo’ easily means that the chip contains two CPU cores. So you’ll, like, get two CPUs on one chip.


2. Intel Core Solo Next confusing term is ‘Intel Core Solo’. If you’ve been reading carefully so far, you’ll know that the ‘Core Solo’ is nothing but a stripped down version of the ‘Core 2 Duo’ CPU chip. It replaces the Pentium CPU in laptops, but it has only one CPU core, unlike the Core 2 Duo.

3. Intel Centrino The term ‘Centrino’ does not refer to an Intel CPU. I know you always hear about ‘Intel Centrino’ and I used to think it refered to a CPU, like the Core 2 Duo or Core Solo. Well, it is not. ‘Centrino’ simply refers to the various laptop technologies specifically designed for a mobile computer that you won’t find in a desktop. So we’re talking about specially designed laptop microprocessors, wireless networking and cooling technologies.

4. GHz Important term Number Three is ‘GHz’. This stands for gigahertz – which essentially is a speed measurement used to gauge microprocessors. You’ll hear the laptop salesman boast about this or that laptop running at 2.4 GHz, while another is only 2.0 GHz. The truth is, these days, if you have a 2.0 GHz microprocessor, you’re all set to do anything you want on the laptop. I don’t really believe in super high GHz speeds though – many manufacturers just use it to sell their chips.

5. DDR Memory This term pertains to your laptop’s memory capacity or RAM. DDR is also known as DDR-SDRAM. The ‘DDR’ stands for double data rate – which is a cut above the standard SDRAM. Usually, the latest laptops will contain DDR-SDRAM. And you’ll want at least 1 GB of DDR memory for decent Windows Vista performance. Incidentally, you can get some really great laptop deals at – do check it out.

6. SDRAM Memory Well, naturally, SDRAM is the older version of DDR memory. The ‘SDRAM’ acronym stands for ‘Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory’. This is the most popular type of memory used in computers today.

7. nVidia Now, the term ‘nVidia’ refers to a 3D graphics card company. So if your laptop spec has ‘nVidia graphics card’ in it, you will know it has a dedicated graphics card built into it to render graphics for games and multimedia.

8. Wireless 802.11 The term ‘Wireless 802.11′ used to stump the heck out of me. Well, now I know better. Just remember that wireless technology in laptops and desktops come in 3 flavors – Wireless 802.11a, Wireless 802.11g and Wireless 802.11n. Wireless 802.11n is the latest and greatest in terms of speed.

9. UMPC ‘UMPC’ is a relatively new term in the laptop market. It refers to ‘Ultra Mobile Personal Computer’. We’re talking about the likes of the ASUS EeePC 900, MSI Wind and the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC. These computers are smaller than conventional laptops but are bigger than say, your PDA. And this category of computing device is literally taking the world by storm.

10. Operating System The term ‘Operating System’ is critically important for all your computer related purchases. You need to decide if you want Windows XP, Linux, Windows Vista, etc. installed in your laptop. These days, most laptops come with Windows Vista pre-installed – check if it is the Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate version. If you use the laptop mostly for home computing, Windows Vista Home Premium will do just fine.


Conclusion I hope this article has taught you some key terms you need to know about laptops. This will certainly help you out when you’re purchasing or upgrading your laptop. The more you learn about laptops, the less likely you’ll be stumped or cheated by laptop salesmen. So it’s definitely good to brush up knowledge there. I’ve consolidated a lot of basic laptop information into a little guide book. If you’d like to find out more about laptop basics, be sure to to download it.

Francua Smith is a skilful Computer specialist who has a lot of experience on laptop computers. He will help you to choose your own skilful laptop computer.
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Six Applications You Would Want On Your New Laptop

When you get a brand new computer, you may be overwhelmed by the ubiquitous number of applications which are available for download. This article will help you determine six which you should have on your brand new computers. These applications will boost your productivity, entertainment and connectivity.

One program you must have is the Microsoft Office Suite. In this program suite, you will find Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and Powerpoint. All four of these programs are commonly used to create and edit documents, slide shows and posters. If it is too expensive to purchase then consider using Google Documents or Open Office instead.


Security is essential for any computer and devices. You must ensure your computer is well protected from the reach of scammers. Every computer should have a spyware removal tool, antivirus software and firewall software. You do not have to spend any money as there are many great security programs online. I would recommend you start off with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, AVG Antivirus and Comodo Firewall. They are known to not clash so you will not experience any incompatibility issues.

This is not entirely essential but having a multimedia and designing program may help your productivity. If you want to have nothing to do with design the the common design program which comes with Windows, Paint, will do for you. If you want something more advanced then I suggest you go for Adobe Photoshop. With Photoshop, you can do a variety of editing on your photos and images.

You may also want to watch videos and movies on your computer. However, you would have found out by now that some of these video require a code known as a codec. These codec are required in order to play a video. I suggest you go for VLC which recognizes all the codec available, unlike Windows Media Player which may show an error when you try playing certain types of videos.


Communication is an important part of the internet. If you do not have one already, you should consider creating an account using one of the following Instant messaging services to communicate with other individuals across the global community. The most common IM services which are used are Skype, MSN, Yahoo and AIM.

If you want to be able to organize and schedule your daily life effectively then using a calendar tool can help you do so. These calendar tools can help you edit your schedule based on your daily, monthly and yearly time line. Microsoft Vista actually comes with a free calendar tool. If you do not have Vista then consider using Mozilla Sunbird which is also a great and free scheduling application.



How to Install a 1394 Net Adapter

IEEE 1394 (or FireWire) is an external computer interface, like USB or eSata, that allows connection between PCs and devices like cameras and hard drives. It was developed by Apple in 1995 and, at the time, provided the fastest external connection that was possible at speeds up to 3200Mbps. Since USB has proven itself to be more consumer friendly, it has become rare to find FireWire ports in newer desktop and laptop PCs. However if you find you’re in need of using FireWire to connect to a camera or external hard drive there are options for adding these ports to your computer.



Find out which kind of interface you need for your PC. You can purchase add-on cards that will provide you with 1 fo 3 FireWire ports. Decide how many ports you would like to have available, then pick the card that is most compatible with your PC. Cards come in two “flavors:” PCI and PCI Express. PCI is a typical connection slot that you will find inside your computer. PCI Express is a newer variation on PCI. The PCI Express slot used by a 1394 adapter card will be very small, almost one-third the length of the PCI slot. Open up your desktop PC before purchasing the adapter card to find out which slot you have.

Plug the adapter card into the PC. Line up the card with the correct slot and press down firmly (do not force). You will feel it catch and the front plate should line up with a screw hole or plastic catch that lines the side of your case. Once the card is secure, replace the cover over the desktop.

Turn your computer on and let it boot into your operating system. Your adapter card may or may not have come with a driver disc. Newer versions of operating systems should be able to automatically recognize the card. Make sure that your operating system hasn’t been able to identify the card before you attempt to install anything.

Check the connection with your device. If you were trying to connect a FireWire hard drive to your PC, plug it into one of the ports on the back of the desktop and make sure everything is working. It’s even a good idea to try each port on the back, just to make sure you didn’t purchase an adapter card that is having any issues.

Instructions 2


Find out which kind of interface your laptop uses. Laptops use two different connections for add-on cards: PCMCIA (PC Card) and ExpressCard. The documentation that came with your laptop should be able to point you in the right direction, but a quicker way would be to look at the slot itself. If not expressly labeled, you can still tell by the width of the slot. PCMCIA will just over 2 inches wide, while the ExpressCard slot will be 1 1/3 inches.

Insert the adapter into the add-on card slot in your laptop. For PCMCIA slots, simply slide the adapter in until it stops. For ExpressCard, you will feel the card “catch” as it makes contact. Lightly pull against the ExpressCard adapter to make sure it is secured in the slot and will not slide out.

Boot up your laptop and see if your operating system automatically detects the new IEEE 1394 ports. If it does, you are good to go. If not, utilize whatever drivers came with your new adapter card.